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so i realisd i haven't wrote on here for like, ages and i can of miss it lol. so thought while i hade some free time, i would update my account. so new moon, god thats how long its been since i've been on here, lol.
so i went to watch it twice and now the dvds getting ready to come out, i can't wait lol i'm on the pre-ordered list. did anyone go to any of th premeires? i was supposed to go to the london one, but our car broke down, i wasn't happt, but bring it on this yar lol. thats if i have no exams :)

eclipse trailer came ou yesterday, who watched it? omg it as sogood, i can not wait for it. i don't think the new victoria is goign to be as good as te old one, i think they should have kept her, i liked her. did anyone notice that on the trailler, edward giving bella her a ring, you can just see it, if you look carefully. having rwad the books, i know what happens, so i'm not going crazy by wanting to know lol, but i am looking forward to how david slade will have dne this one.

remember me, i can't believe uk don't get it until 2nd of april, i'm so bummed, i really want to go and watch it. damn slow country lol. :D

well thats all i know for now lol, i'm quite a boring person.
i'll write again.

books to recommend: the immortal series by alyson noel, beautiful creaures Margaret Stohl, blood promise Richelle mead book 4 in vampire accedmy series (so freaking good :D) and do you come here often by Alexandra Potter.

and morganville fans there a new book coming out called Ghost town looking forward

Writer's Block: Childish Pleasures

Name something you love but feel like you should have grown out of by now.
Buffy, i loved buffy since i was like 8 maybe 9, and i think i dhould have like started to grow out of it now but i can't, and still watch the episodes. maybe its because of my slight obession of vampires, and besides buffy kicks arse.
  Also teddies, i'm like 18 i shouldn't still get giddy and excited when somoe one buys me a new one lol :)
So me and my friends went to Bradford I-Max last night to watch Harry Potter and the half blood prince.  And as a fan of the books i thought they missed some vital details out, but as a flim i loved it. i won't give too much away for the people who haven't seen it, but those who have will understand what i'm talking about. i loved the humor in it, i found that funny just there little lines, and i loved hermione when she came out of the three broomsticks and harry when he had taken that potion. 
  I loved draco he didn't have that many lines but he played being totured excellent, his facial and his inner turmoul was great it made you really think he was in two minds. i love Bellatrix she just gets better in each film i think, no one could play her any better.
  the things i were let down with were ginny and harry, there was no way in hell that was a kiss i'm sorry
  it left it funny at the end, they should have just put the funeral in
  and remus and tonks you only found out they were dating when she called him sweetheart and she said that low, so i hope they make it more in the last one. i think david yates did better with the fifth one in book wise then the sixth's, but all in all it was good and funny.

new moon playlist

so me and my friend vicky have been doing our own playlist for new moon and this is what we came up with:

1) paper cut - Linkin Park
2) stay with me - Danity Kane
3) the leaving song - Afi
4) need - Hana Pestle
5) falling away with you- Muse
6) Be my escape - Relient K
7) unwell - Matchbook 20
8) broken strings - James Morrison
9) all around me - Flyleaf
10) anyway you chose to give it - the Black ghosts
11) evil angel- Breaking Benjamin
12) i miss you - Blink 182
13) scream - Tokyo hotel
14) the animal i have become - 3 days Grace
15) don't jump - Tokyo hotel/ storm - Lifehouse
16) as i moved on - Blue foundation
17) miracle - Paramore
18) time is running out - muse
20)Break out- all time low
22) Guradian Angel - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
23) sooner or later - Breaking benjamin

so what do you think ?
 please let me know i would love to know what everyone thinks :)

question :what do you all recommend for new moon soundtrack?

twilight film

so i saw twilight last night with my aunt and friend and i absoulty loved it, i found it just like the book. there was some new bits in and some bits that i would have liked to see but otherwise it was a great film.
i really recommended it.
 now i'm going because i'm sad i'm off to watch it again lol

Writer's Block: Crepuscular Drama

The Twilight movie comes out today. A lot of people are really excited about seeing Bella and Edward on the big screen. Others couldn't care less. Where do you fall on the issue?
i can't wait to see it i went last night but i'm going again and can not wait lol

Richelle Mead

so i don't know if any of you have heard of an author called Richelle Mead. well she's a really good writer, i've been reading the succubus series which is cool. but she did another series called a vampire academy, and with each new book new title. anyway the new one just come out and i loved it but i hated what she did. apprantly she's doing others but who knows whats going to happen.
if anyone has read them i would love to pick at your head lol. anyway the other auother i recommended is Cassandra Clare, the last one dosen't come out until some point nex t year but really good book.
  and before i forget P.C.Cast and Kristin Cast they write the houseof night novels. if anyone reads these please talk to me because none of my friends do.

p.s 3 days until twilight yay

RE: twilight and the movie

i haven't updated in a while, that would because i forgot my password lol
so only 10 days until twilight comes out YAY
so who is looking forward to it, because i am.  i have seen a load of clips and pictures and i just can't wait to see if it is like the book.
 speaking of the book what did u all think of the 4th one? 
i loved it, i thought she ended it great didn't leave anything open for us to be wondering about. like in harry potter, because i really didn't like the ending of that, i thought it was rushed.
so any comments with what your thinking

Jasper and Alice are so cool lol :)

Writer's Block: On Character Preferences

Who is your favorite fictional character? Why do you love them? What fictional character bugs you?
well okay that is a difficult one because i have a few but at this moment in time i think it would be edward cullen from twilight series. why do i love him...mmm...because if how he is, the way he treats bella, how much he loves her, just the whole concept of him and the fact that he has a dark and twisted past, future and present that just makes him all that more mysterious and likeable lol. :)
while i'm talking about twilight then it would have to be jacob black at the momrnt, because like i said this is the book i am reading at the minute. why does he bug me? 
1)because he is jacob black 
2)because he loves bella, and some twisted litlle way she kinda loves him back 
3)he's a werewolf and everyone knows vampires are so much better lol
and 4) because he is absoutly cruel to edward and is so pig headed that i just want to slap him lol
anyway so thats my rant over with for now :)


i haven't posted for ages its just been busy. anyways so i read twilight book this week and i'm waiting for the second and i just wanted to say it is ace book. 
i can't wait for the next one, i was so gripped and i just love bella and edward there so sweet togerther. its driving me mad because i want to know what happens in the second book but i won't find out for another few days, i'm so impaient lol. 
 if no one has read this then i recommend that you do, if you like harry potter ad eragon then this will be like up your street lol. 
and i can't wait for the film on the 12th of december i'm so looking forward also because i'll be in canada when it comes out so double squeeze lol


xx still waiting for the cullens to rescue mexx

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